This is your life, LIVE IT... Really

Hello friends and family,

We all heard of the quote says 'Do what you love', but have we really sat down and thought about it. We occupy our lives with work, television, sleep, get up and get right back to work. It sometimes feels like we're always playing 'catch up' with the times and we're always tired.

My emotional state had hit the rock bottom when I was living in Edmonton. My life was a non-stop chasing something. Things to prove that I was smart enough, make enough money, good enough for somebody, or even to prove that I can really live in Edmonton (That is just ridiculous!) Until my friend suggested that I read The Four Agreements Book - By Don Miguel Ruiz. I spent more time trying to find 'what is it that makes me happy?'. It's not the high salary, big house, fancy cars.... It's to live in a beautiful place where I can truly call home, to work less and do more of photography, arts, hiking, and travel. I moved back to Victoria, BC and that has been the best decision I've ever made.

So what about you? When you have a free time, what do you like to do? What is your hobby? Which countries do you always want to visit? Whatever it is that makes you 'YOU', please go ahead and do it. Whether it's reading, video games, trying out new restaurants, hiking, painting, taking photographs, mixed martial arts, you name it. Make sure you make time for yourself today.

Go out and start creating! And share your passion around you!


Picture credit: Holstee Manifesto from  (I have one hanging on my wall)

Picture credit: Holstee Manifesto from  (I have one hanging on my wall)