What is your style of photography?

There is a fine line between Boudoir photography and pornography. As a woman, I admire women's body. My style shows feminine beauty, classy, dreamy and candid.

Of course we'll be showing a little skin here and there, but you will never have to go nude (unless you want to). Sexiness shows from your eyes, especially when you're happy and confident (plus a feeling of little sassiness!).

Let's have a chat and book your Boudoir session with me already!!


Why are you much more inexpensive than other photographers?

I believe that amazing photographs don't have to cost a paycheque (or two)! I'm doing my best to keep the cost down (by having home office/studio and shooting outdoor!).

I'm excited and inspired to capture the beauty of people, and sharing my passions through photos is what I do.

A photo session should be fun! And you will get the end product that you'll love to keep and show your loved ones!

What is your style of photography?

My style can be described as genuine, romantic, casual, and spontaneous. I like capturing candid moments when you laugh, that's when the photos look better than those pose-y smiles. All my clients and models are encouraged to add their own personality to the photos, such as bringing their pets, props, and their favorite outfits.

What should I wear to a photoshoot?

The most important thing is to wear what you are comfortable in! Favorite hat, scarves, boots, whatever make you ''you''. Feel free to bring along!

Sure black and white never disappoint anyone. But color and simple pattern will make your photos stand out. If you're shooting with your partner, family, or kids. Avoid matchy but go for complimentary.

Feel free to bring along two extra outfit change.

When and where should we shoot?

Early morning and early evening is ideal for a session. You'll get nice soft natural light that is very flattering to any photos. We live on the beautiful coast. There are lots of spots that we can shoot: parks, beach, or downtown. What about connecting your special memories to the photoshoot? First date, favorite hangout.

Do you shoot outside Victoria?

I've flown half way around the globe, and I LOVE to travel... so yes, absolutely! Please let me know where you are are I will figure out the way to get to you, with reasonable costs.

Will there be watermarks on my photos?

There won't be any watermarks on your prints. But there will be watermarks on your digital copies if you would like to post the photos on your facebook/twitter/or blog.

Boudoir Photography FAQs

I've never done anything like this before... and Why would I wanna do a shoot like this?

I understand that it could be awkward if it's your first time, trust me, I've been there :) We will meet in person first, so we can get to know each other. We'll chat about your ideas, your outfit preference, and we'll practice in front of the mirror so we have an idea of what looks good on the camera.

First thing you'll get from a boudoir session is your self-confidence boost. You'll see your sexy side that you never know you had. Second is to show off your gorgeous pictures to your significant other. What a surprise! And I'm sure he/she will love it!


I'm not size 2 or 20-something years old like the girls on your website, can I still book a session?

Of course you can! I believe that every woman is beautiful and it's my job to show you how gorgeous you are! There are many choice of outfits and poses that will flatter your body and bring out your personality.

You are in good hands! I promise to watch out for flattering poses and no double chins :)


Do I bring my own lingerie or do you provide the outfits?

You need to bring your own lingerie to the photoshoot. I encourage you to select the outfit that you feel most comfortable in, flatter your body, and the color that compliment your skin tone. Please feel free to bring any props that shows your personality. Why would you want your pictures to look like others, right? I love working with your genuine self, and bring the best part of that into the images.

If you need help with outfit ideas, I'd love to help you with that. Or you can also find inspirations on Pinterest :)


Will my photos be on the internet?

I would love to show off my work. But I sincerely do respect your privacy. I only post the pictures on my website and/or facebook only when you allow me to.



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